Lough Neagh Partnership Projects

Marketing of Lough Neagh & Its Waterways Destination

Lough Neagh and it's Waterways

Lough Neagh is promoted through our website and social media pages and provides a gateway into the activities and events taking place around Lough Neagh.

Web: DiscoverLoughNeagh.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/LoughNeaghAndItsWaterways

Twitter: Twitter.com/LoveLoughNeagh

Contact: Eimear Kearney

E-Mail: Eimear.Kearney@loughneaghpartnership.org

Lough Neagh Environmental Group Farm Scheme Project

The Lough Neagh Environmental Group Farm Scheme Project involves working with over 140 farmers on the shores of Lough Neagh. The aim of the project is to encourage farmers within the designated shoreline to develop an environmental management plan for each farm and to apply for EU funding assistance. The project is funded through DAERA. The project is co-ordinated by Michael Meharg who is a local farmer and the outcomes of the project are already proving to be significant. Michael can be contacted using the details below.

Contact: Michael Meharg

E-Mail: Michaelj.Meharg@gmail.com

Tel: 078 3432 2214

Lough Neagh Shoreline Plan

The Lough Neagh Shoreline Plan is a new management plan drawn up to help conserve the main important designated features of Lough Neagh such as its large numbers of diving ducks, its breeding waders and special habitats such as wet woodland. It is closely linked with the Lough Neagh ASSI and SPA designations. The focus of the plan at the moment is on the preservation of the Lough Neagh Islands where the new coordinator, Peter Harper, is working with landowners and gun clubs to help improve the condition of the islands. Peter is also responsible for the implementation of the Rea’s Wood/Farr’s Bay SAC plan. A new Lough Neagh ranger, Ciara Laverty, started working with Peter in April 2020. Ciara carries out the habitat and species monitoring around the lough.  Peter can be contacted or copies of the plans can be found via the details below.

Contact: Peter Harper

E-Mail: Peter.Harper@loughneaghpartnership.org

Tel: 077 2029 0797

Lough Neagh Artisans

Lough Neagh Artisans Logo

Lough Neagh Artisans was formed in 2019 and operates as a collective of likeminded creatives who live within 10 miles of Lough Neagh. The group collaborates and inspires people with their foods, crafts, and experiences.

The group believes that there is a strong need for collaboration among Lough Neagh businesses which complement each other and the necessity to make excellent artisan products and services, including hospitality and experiential initiatives which are unique to this part of the world.  Visit the website for full details of the project.

This project was funded by the Agri Food Co-operation Scheme through DAERA, Lough Neagh Partnership Ltd is the lead applicant.

Contact: Eimear Kearney

E-Mail: Eimear.Kearney@loughneaghpartnership.org

Website: LoughNeaghArtisans.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/LoughNeaghArtisans

Instagram: Instagram.com/LoughNeaghArtisans/

Lough Neagh Moiled Cattle Group

Moiled Cattle

The Moiled Cattle project encourages farmers around the shores of the Lough to manage traditional Irish cattle breeds such as Moil Cattle. The Irish Moiled cattle is one of our rarest and most distinctive native cattle breeds.  Traditionally a dairy cow, it has earned the reputation as a truly dual purpose animal, producing both high quality beef and milk from grass and is ideally suited for the wetland shores of the Lough.  The project is funded by DAERA and over 6  Lough Neagh farmers have formed a marketing group and are involved in breeding, promoting and selling these wonderful animals.

Contact: Michael Meharg

E-Mail: Michaelj.Meharg@gmail.com

Tel: 078 3432 2214

Completed Projects

Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership

The Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership is a major £3.5 million National Lottery Heritage Fund programme made up of 27 integrated projects. These projects cover a range of areas including works to protect and preserve the built, natural and cultural heritage of Lough Neagh. Further details of all projects can be found from the links below.

Web: LoughNeaghLP.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/LoughNeaghLP

Twitter: Twitter.com/LoughNeaghLP

Contact: William Burke

E-Mail: William.Burke@loughneaghpartnership.org

Lough Neagh Tours

Lough Neagh Tours is an innovative project that has developed a range of tours to showcase the cultural heritage, activities and natural resources of Lough Neagh. Whether you’re looking for one of the scheduled tours that run over the course of summer or a private group booking, there’s something to interest everyone. Click the links below for more information.

Web: LoughNeaghTours.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/LoughNeaghTours

Twitter: Twitter.com/LoughNeaghTours

Contact: Eimear Kearney

E-Mail: Eimear.Kearney@loughneaghpartnership.org

Coalisland & East Tyrone Project – Great Place Scheme

Coalisland & East Tyrone Logo

The project aims to work to conserve and protect the industrial and manufacturing heritage of Coalisland and East Tyrone area through engagement with local arts and cultural heritage groups. It is funded through the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Great Places Scheme. For more details on the project, contact Keith through the details below.

Contact: Keith Beattie

E-Mail: Keith.Beattie@loughneaghpartnership.org

Tel: 028 7941 7941


The WaterPro project was developed to learn about water quality improvement techniques used in other northern European countries. It is a EU Northern Peripheries project involving 8 other partners throughout northern Europe. Farmers, landowners and general stakeholders were involved in a variety of best practice visits. For more details about the project, click on the links below.

Web: Water-Pro.eu

Facebook: Facebook.com/WaterProProject

Twitter: Twitter.com/WaterProEU

Contact: Eimear Kearney

E-Mail: Eimear.Kearney@loughneaghpartnership.org