Lough Neagh Partnership offer a range of commercial services including:

Food / Tourism Cluster development

Stakeholder consultation and business recruitment

Funding applications

Branding and marketing communication

Project evaluation & reporting

Artisan Markets (food, arts & crafts)

Trader recruitment, applications & associated trader documentation

Manage Market on Day

Marketing communications (Digital toolkit for traders & B2C marketing)

Event Management

Planning and preparing an event

Promoting and ticketing of event

Co ordinating Event

Reporting and evaluation of event

Environmental and conservation Management

Help implement Biodiversity Action Plans

Auditing and monitoring of specific sites

Help manage sites to increase conversation and biodiversity value.

Habitat survey and mapping

Carbon Peatland survey

Help with Climate Change Strategy development

Boating, Pick Up and towing services

Help with Built / Cultural Heritage Lottery applications

Farming Environmental Services /planning

Removal of Invasive Species on Council Land

Land Environmental Walks/Talks/

Organising Litter Pickups