Gerry Darby

Manager of The Lough Neagh Partnership.

Gerry is responsible for overseeing all programmes and staff that work for Lough Neagh Partnership.

William Burke

William Burke

Lough Neagh Partnership Programme Manager.

Phone Number: 07712284347

Phone Number: 07712537308

Chie McGuckin

Chie McGuckin

Finance Officer for Lough Neagh Partnership.

Chie is responsible for the management of the overall company finance and oversees the financial management of all the Lough Neagh Partnership programmes.

Eimear Kearney

Marketing Officer of Lough Neagh Partnership.

Eimear is responsible for the communications of Lough Neagh Partnership and its programmes.

Phone Number: 07949051989

Phone Number: 07894266576

Aaron Swann

Office Administrator of Lough Neagh Partnership.

Aaron oversees the administration of a number of Lough Neagh Partnership programmes and general office management.

Mike Meharg

Mike Meharg

Coordinator of the Lough Neagh Environmental Group Farm project. 

Mike works closely with local farmers, helping them to protect the important wildlife and habitat located on their land.

Phone Number: 07963392229

Phone Number: 07834322214

Peter Harper

 Peter Harper

Shoreline Environment Officer for Lough Neagh Partnership.

Peter is responsible for the implementation of the Lough Neagh Shoreline Management Plan including shoreline and island surveys, Reserve management, habitat improvement and the delivery of projects.

Ciara Laverty

Ciara Laverty

Lough Neagh Ranger for the Lough Neagh Partnership.

Ciara works closely with the Shoreline Environment Officer on the delivery of the Lough Neagh Shoreline Management Plan including shoreline and island surveys, reserve management, habitat improvement work and the delivery of projects

Phone Number: 07720290797

Phone Number: 07710683493