Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing

Unlock the secrets to purposeful tourism marketing in the wake of Covid19

Chartered Marketer Christine Watson will guide you through the best ways and means of discovering the insights that truly matter when making decisions about your business as we all embark on our new normal. 

Expect to learn: 

  • where you can go to find trusted industry intelligence, consumer insights and global benchmarks 
  • ways and means to help strategic decision making in the here and now and for the future.
  • the steps involved in getting your marketing right

Christine Watson from Watson & Co Chartered Marketing

About Christine:

Chartered Marketer Christine Watson founded Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing in 2005 and is the face behind new aggregator platform With a drive to help local businesses and local people across Northern Ireland Christine has worked with over 1,000 individual clients to deliver creative and effective marketing, customer service and learning and mentoring solutions designed to deliver optimal results.

Passion, enthusiasm and an abundance of innovative, cost effective and results driven ideas are sure fire every time you come into contact with Christine. Her mission is simple, it’s really very cut and dry – her business is in existence to add value to you. 

Webinar Details

When: May 18, 2020 @ 3:00 PM
Topic: Tourism Marketing

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You will find Christine on Twitter: @watsonmydear, on Linkedin:

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