The basis of this proposal is to raise awareness of the heritage of unique trees and fruits that grow in the South Lough Neagh Landscape by working with five local schools. The South Lough Neagh Regeneration Association (SLNRA) will offer the children of the area a simple link which will re-connect them with their shared food heritage and long held traditions that where until recently at the very heart of their communities. As a process of enhancing the children’s awareness of the native Armagh apples, SLNRA plan to deliver a project which will encourage children to grow lost traditional apple varieties which are distinct to their locality. SLNRA will deliver a series of workshops, a fieldtrip, install a nursery for the apple trees which the children will nurture within each school ground, have a cookery demonstration using apples as a sustainable food produce. As 5 of these schools are adjacent to a churchyard SLNRA are also proposing as part of raising awareness of our natural heritage and Ireland’s trees which have a deep symbolic and spiritual relationships within communities to plant an Irish Yew, Holly and Common Yew in the grounds of all local churchyards.